Material Bystander


Some books are made into great movies.

Mine is more t-shirt and coffee mug material.


note: I think my next book will be thicker … I need some sweaters for the winter.


Mean Things I Say About People #3

“No, you don’t sound like a broken record … you sound like a half broken record … cause I can still hear you.
(the italicized section is usually muttered inaudibly)

4 responses to “Material Bystander

  1. Oh, the movers lost a lot of our stuff when we got here….including my “Mugging” mug! My cool Planet Ross inspirational t-shirts are thankfully still alive and well. Oh you’ve started new “notes” lol. funny.

  2. So if you make it into a coffe mug instead of a movie… what, we’re supposed to watch the mug for an hour and a half?

  3. If it’s a mug instead of a movie you save big bucks on not having to pay high priced actors. Unless it’s very expensive coffee then that could cost a bit. But you can’t drink a nice hot cup of actors to start your day with either.

  4. Thanks for the comments!

    sweetiegirlz: possibly the movers just said the “coffee mugging” mug was lost. I’m sure someone else is drinking out of it right now. hee hee!

    Donald Diddams: I watch my mug for a few hours everyday … in the morning. Drinking coffee from a DVD sounds difficult. hee hee!

    Tony: I can’t argue with your reasoning on this one.

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