Fingers And Toes


If humans only had 4 digits on their hands and feet,

– metric would be just as confusing as the imperial system.
– nail polish would last longer.
– no one would be giving anyone the middle finger.

-sign language might have less words.
-ape hands would look so weird.
-base 8 would be pretty standard.

-cartoon characters would probably only have 3 fingers.
-Agatha Christie may have written “8 Little Indians“.
– one of those little piggies either would not be going to market or not going wee wee wee all the way home.

… and would we be saying …

Hang Eight!
High Four!
Four Finger Discount.


note: thereprobablywouldn’tbeanyspacesbetweenwordsonacomputereither.

double note: having your finger cut off in the Yakuza would probably mean more too!


Today #56

Today was like a bananaless banana split.

5 responses to “Fingers And Toes

  1. Base eight would be convenient for some things. Like you’d be able to halve 8, three times and still get a whole number. Instead of only halving 10, once.

  2. I like the four finger discount.
    And the punch would happen after 4 good reasons instead of five.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    razzbuffnik: I remember having to figure things out in different bases during a Junior High School math class. I’m not sure if the teacher was trying to make us think outside the box, make us appreciate Base 10 more, or was just bored.

    Tammy: I’m not sure which finger was the last to evolve. It must have the pinky … because I don’t think early humanoids drank tea.

  4. I can’t even remember what the whole base thing was all about. I remember hearing about it back in school but it mustn’t have made much of an impression

  5. Tony: I think I remember it because it was so weird.
    I remember my Mother cooking cabbage and weiners for dinner all the time, but she said she only served it once.

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