What’s That Noise?


When people phone me by accident and say that they’ve dialed the wrong number, I tell them “I’m at the wrong phone.”

I think it makes them feel better.


note: why do we call the zero “oh” when rattling off a phone number, but never call the one “el” ?  That’s confusing.

double note: the last wrong number I received was a backwards 3.

triple note: yes, I did write “dialed” … for some reason.


Today #54

I can’t field a team today: I’m going to forfeit.

6 responses to “What’s That Noise?

  1. when we were young kids we still had a “party” line. remember those? Being yelled at by adults for listening in to their boring conversations…lol. Yes, you did writed “dialed” . You are n’t old, just “old school”.

  2. I blame the song “Eight Six Seven Five Three Oh Nine” …

  3. My wife says Zee instead of Zed, I blame her exposure to Sesame Street
    What’s wrong with Dialed? Oh Zero, Double L I didn’t realise till the red squiggly line came up under it. My wife answered the phone once & told the bloke he had a wrong number so he told her “Well if it’s a wrong number why did you answer it?”
    The alphabet song says Oh too it should say H I J K L M N Zero P to save confusion. Let’s not forget the end W X Y & Zee, now I know my ABC’s next time won’t you say Zed with me

  4. I actually still have a ancient, black rotary phone in the house and, yes, it still works perfectly. It’s one of the wall mounted ones that doesn’t even have a curly cord. You can venture out about a foot and a half when you use it. I love it.. but just about never use the thing.

    I’m such an analog geek.


  5. My friends and I would pick someone at random out of the “phone book”, (yes, I said phone book), then call the number and make up a name and ask if they were there.
    When someone says dial, do they mean to actually use a rotary dial to dial the number or can dial mean to make the call? Should we say “press”, as in “press the number” rather than dial the number? Is a dial circular? I use Dial soap, and it is rectangular.
    I’m confused.

  6. Thanks for the comments.

    sweetiegirlz: we never had a party line, but I remember listening to my sister’s phone calls on the extension upstairs. She usually caught me: I guess I wasn’t very good at listening. hee hee!

    Dennis the Vizsla: I still like that song … even though I’m not that great at math.

    Tony: the Zee/Zed thing really bothers some people. There should be a story about twins called “Zee” and “Zed” who argue over how to spell and pronounce words. … Maybe their last name could be “Bra” … or something like that.

    Turkish Prawn: wall mounted and no curly cord!!! … you win the old school award! (very cool)

    Tammy: one of my sisters used to answer the family phone with “Janes’ Morgue: you stab ’em, we slab ’em“.

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