A Murality Play


Sometimes people just do stuff just to do it

… like eating sunflower seeds. 


note: No thank you, I’m full. I ate some sunflower seeds earlier.

double note: I didn’t expect to be on hiatus so long. A week’s break was followed by 10 days of entertaining a cold-fluish type entity.


Today #48

Today I feel good enough to go to the dentist. …crap it’s a Catch-22 day.

8 responses to “A Murality Play

  1. I would worry they would grow & have a sunflower burst forth from my guts like in the Alien movie. Imagine being on some desolate space freighter being hunted down by a rogue sunflower. It’s stuff nightmares are made of.
    Take 2: Imagine being on some desolate space freighter being hunted down by a rogue female horse at night.
    Do they even have day & night in space because it’s always dark? Unless your close to the sun
    Guess it doesn’t matter because when the mare finally catches you & tears your throat outwith her merciless horsey teeth, in space no-one can hear you scream

  2. Glad you are back, but sorry to hear you were sick for so long.
    Did you feel like the girl looks in the mural?
    I like to eat sunflower seeds on my salad. I can’t imagine eating enough of them to get full.

  3. Maybe you can give the dentist your cold and thus exact a small amount of revenge.

  4. Sunflower seeds should be reclassified from food to something for your face to do.

  5. I hate those cold-fluish entities: They’re bastards!

  6. Thanks for all the comments.

    Tony: having my throat ripped out by a horse would leave me … hoarse … of course. hee hee!

    Tammy: if the mural was on the floor, that’s how I felt being sick: I was horizontal as much as possible.
    I wasn’t thinking about shelled sunflower seeds; I was thinking about the ones in shells … or “SPITS” as they are also known.

    Dennis the Vizsla: as someone who has never been on a dental plan in his entire life, I would agree with you. … but I am on the Japanese medical/dental insurance system now … and it’s awesome!!!! I’ve gone 3 times and each time I’ve paid about $15!!! (pinching myself)
    {monthly Medical/Dental premiums are about $150}

    omawarisan: I 100% agree … or disagree 0% (why doesn’t anyone ever say that?)

    Tooty Nolan: big time bastards!!!!!

  7. You likely wouldn’t have got sick if you hadn’t kissed a strange mural woman!

  8. S. Le: those mural women are strange … and sometimes abstract too!

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