On The Lighter Side


If Earth’s gravity vanished instantly, I’d hope I was wearing my Superman costume … because how cool would that be?

Pretty cool, I kid you not!


note: I definitely wouldn’t want to be sitting on the toilet, swimming in the ocean, standing in a cemetary, or enjoying a once in a lifetime “zero gravity simulation” flight … because really … what a waste of money!

double note: I think holding a balloon would make me feel a bit better as I drifted into the atmosphere.

triple note: people committing suicide by jumping off of a building would probably be pissed off.

quadruple note: people in the middle of doing a ski jump, a pole vault, or a slamdunk would probably be happy … for a second.

quintuple note:  at least a rockclimber could probably climb back down … or live a few seconds longer than everyone else before they did an Arnold Schwarzenegger “Total Recall” eye bulge thing.


Today #46

It felt like I was carrying around a sack of hammers today … but there was a sack of hammer fight, so I was prepared.


3 responses to “On The Lighter Side

  1. The bulgy eyes would be a good party trick, till you exploded & died. I don’t thimk jumping off a building is all it’s cracked up to be. The death blow at the bottom would really hurt. Imagine if you survived how much pain you’d be in???
    I clicked the http://en.wordpress.com/tag/hey-i-spelt-arnold-schwarzenegger-right/ tag link & you’re the only one in the whole WordPress sector of the blogosphere who has used that tag. Wow!!! How special are you!!!! That’s like blogging celebrity status. I bet if you tagged this post “I slept with Paris Hilton” you wouldn’t be the only one…

  2. I like how your “tags” are nearly longer than the post. Hilarious!

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Tony: I think I sit by myself on a few tag links. … that sounds Irish for some reason.

    S. Le: some posts just generate more tags than others … or I’m in the “tag mood“.

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