I’m An Ass … Ass … In!


I guess you have to be Spanish to be a bandito;

… maybe I’ll try to be a ninja instead.


note: do I have to be Spanish to eat Cheetos? … or Freeto-lays … or Doritos?
I never knew so many potato chips were Spanish!

double note: there is probably a generation of people who associate ninjas with turtles for some reason.

triple note: stereotypes are those people with good stereos right?

quadruple note: putting an “o” at the end of the word makes me bilingual right?  I’m sure those banana benders are just called “Speed” in English speaking countries. … I could be wrong; I usually am.

quintuple note: I’d make a good Jackassassin.


Today #44

Today I realized that Meatloaf has been an important person in my life. I can’t say that for most foods.

Today’s note: I don’t know Meatloaf‘s real name, but he doesn’t know that my stage name is The Apple Sauce Boss … so I guess we are even.

6 responses to “I’m An Ass … Ass … In!

  1. Cynical Scribble

    On a totally unrelated note – although related to the picture – what’s the most unusual/totally unexpected thing, you can buy from a vending machine over there?

  2. Your post reminds me of a Freeto-lays truck driver I met while hitch hiking in the US. He told me several times that he was “free to lay” and he laughed hard each at his pun each time.

  3. Thanks. Now I have the wicked witch’s theme song stuck in my head!

    People who have great stereos are called, “Audiophiles” but that sounds dirty somehow! They should be on the Stereo predator list!

  4. My donkey was tired so it was time to rest my weary ass. I remember when I went to Japan that I was amazed at the amount of vending machines on the streets

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    Cynical Scribble: I’ve live in the countryside for 10 years … and have forgotten most of things that I thought were once weird, but are now quite natural to see in vending machines.
    But here is a list of things you might think are weird or unavailable in your area: hot corn soup, batteries, hot fried chicken/chips/riceballs/…, dildoes (spelling??), porn and porn related stuff … but no highschool girl panties, bottles of whiskey!!, beer is a common product, swimsuits for kids … at the beach, and fishfood/birdfood … in those types of areas.
    No condom or chocolate bar machines anywhere though!! go figure!

    S. Le: I think Mr. Pettit‘s music fans are called Pettitfiles, but he seems to differ. hee hee!

    Tony: when I visit other countries now, I seem to have to go into stores a lot more for some reason. All those vending machines are still here.
    Sorry to hear about your donkey. hee hee!

  6. Were I Mr. Pettit, I’d differ as well!

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