Landmarked Up


I’m glad there are landmarks:

… if there weren’t, I wouldn’t know what cities were being destroyed in all those disaster movies.


note: In the event a of catastrophic human extinction type natural disaster, I’m going to Disneyland … because it never gets wiped out in those disaster movies.
… probably there wouldn’t be any line-ups either.

double note: are there any seamarks?

triple note: Dr. Mori is a landmark of sorts for people driving by the city where I live. I still don’t know what the hell he is selling!


Today #43

Today left me scratching my head … or maybe the student with headlice did.

4 responses to “Landmarked Up

  1. Funny how landmarks tell what cities are being destroyed in the movies. Especially when so many movies are being made in Vancouver nowadays.

  2. That huge Dr. Mori would make me nervous. I HATE robots!

  3. Wow a huge Flat Dr. Mori. Did you take him to karaoke? He would have trouble fitting into Kelly’s guitar strings for the “I know a rock star” pose

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    razzbuffnik: Vancouver never gets destroyed in movies … or is credited with getting destroyed at least. … the National Film Board of Canada must give more money to filmmakers willing to destroy Vancouver in disaster movies!

    S. Le: very cool article! I think the Dr. Mori in the photo is a medical supplier of some sorts … but I still don’t know for sure yet. I must investigate this Dr. Mori situation more thoroughly!

    Tony: I think Kelly needs a bigger guitar to fit Dr. Mori in it … and to make it louder. hee hee!

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