Pre-Optical Illusions usually involve a man dressed as a woman.


note: imitations have their limitations … except for the “l“.

double note: I thought I was in a different country … it was a very good impersonation.


Today #40

Today I dreamed of electric pajamas. … hey! I can’t be responsible for my dreams!

5 responses to “Impeoplenating

  1. Yikes!!! What on earth is that photo??? It looks like 2 people have been planted knee deep in the ground wearing gumboots/wellies/galoshes then had their legs cut off with a chainsaw.

  2. Electric pajamas sounds thrilling !!! I got a shock by the thought itself ! Anyway the dream was interesting!
    Dream Analysis –

  3. Anything like electric dreams?

    Were they here, I’d say those traffic cones had melted. Bloody hot summer.

  4. Somebody’s been picking the traffic cones again. Pruning these things is an art.

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    Tony: they are traffic cones! are you not hovering the cursor over the pictures for enlightenment?
    It does kind of look like the scenario you described though.

    iqexperts: thanks for stopping by. I had a dream where I clicked on that link and I had to sign up for something. hee hee!

    S. Le: there is usually electricity in my dreams, but no electricity bills. … that’s how I differentiate between reality and dreams.

    Turkish Prawn: these ones have been sitting on the corner of an intersection for a few years now. I think some drove over them, but they are bolted to the ground … so just the tops came off … to be used for traffic cone art projects at school likely.

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