Fersonality And Peatures


I wish I was a bit fatter, balder, and in a bitter mood most of the time.


… and had SpellCheck.


note: no matter what those caricature people do, they can’t make me look funny for some reason.

double note: I bet SpellCheck is only classified as a word that is spelt correctly, if you use SpellCheck.


Today #39

Today unfolded like a stiletto knife.


7 responses to “Fersonality And Peatures

  1. Gah! That thing would be a nightmare to follow after dark! Like driving at a mirror!


  2. fatter, balder, and in a bitter mood
    Me, me & not me
    Love the mirror truck reflection of your van. It’s like your looking in your rear vision mirror but it’s further ahead of you & your in it too

  3. coool. dont be fat, bald is sexy, dont be bitter, that sux.

  4. Tony’s comment re: the photo is hard to match so I’ll let it stand.

    (Spell check wouldn’t help ’cause all them things is spelt correctly. It also thinks “spelt” is spelled wrong)

  5. I bet no one hits that truck and says ” I didn’t see it”. They just say “I couldn’t see”.

  6. I love to drive beside mirror tankers. I almost run off the road for looking over at my reflection too long.

    You aren’t fat, bald, or bitter. You’re too tall to be those things. 🙂 How do I know you are tall? Just a lucky guess, I guess.

  7. Thanks for the comments.
    Apologies. I’ve been more under the ball than on the ball lately.

    Turkish Prawn: if I was driving behind it at night, I’d pass it like gas. … actually I’d probably be passing gas … since it probably has gas in there. hee hee!

    Tony: your comment sums up the whole experience. I can do no better than that. Cheers!

    heartwithasoul: I’d rather be fit, bold, and better most of the time.
    I don’t see too many baldheaded women around. I’d probably like the look though … because they probably wouldn’t be looking in the mirror as much … and I haven’t even fully considered the hair in the sink/drain scenario!!!!

    S. Le: I am so busted! hee hee!

    note to self: your blog is set up to hide mistakes … because people just think you are being stupid and meant it. It’s a “double intended” of sorts. hee hee!

    double note to self: hey! the French don’t own all that catchphrase mumblé jumblé!

    omawarisan: I’d probably say, “I hit myself in a full head on”.

    Tammy: I just want to be fit, bold, and better. I could be fat … I could be bald, but I could never be bitter … genetics only go so far.
    I think I’m 6′ 2″, but people an inch shorter than me seem to think I’m 6′ 3″ or 6′ 4″ for some reason.

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