Spare Parts And Healthy Hearts


I like my organs like I like my combustion engines

… internal.


note: I’m donating all my organs when I die … it’s kind of like cheating death … and if there is one thing I like doing, it’s cheating death.
… and maybe eating all the stuff the person beside me on the airplane doesn’t want at meal time.

double note: organ couriers must be very organized.

triple note: I don’t really know if I really like my combustion engines internal … I just made that stuff up.


Today #37

Today I was a bit vincible.


6 responses to “Spare Parts And Healthy Hearts

  1. Does it really say “Parts & Hearts” on the van? Wow! (the Hannibal comment is brilliant)

  2. Eat too much of that airplane food and you might get organized early. Nice bus!

  3. Woody Allen: “I don’t want to attain immortality through my work. I want to attain it through never dying.” So far, so good, Woody.

    The slogan on the bus makes me immediately think of a mechanical heart.


  4. I don’t have an organ so I was going to be a piano donor instead but the hospital didn’t want one. They seem to prefer organs, I guess they have a better quality sound…

  5. I wonder if any of those parts are of the private variety?

  6. Thanks for the comments.
    Apologies for taking so long to get back to you.

    S. Le: Yes, the van really says that … but it’s a Toyota Parts van.
    Any mention of organs needs a Hannibal Lecter reference.

    Donald Diddams: I remember being upset when they didn’t serve food on a 6 hour flight. On Air Canada domestic flights you have to pay extra for it!

    note to people from small countries: that is a 6 hour domestic flight, not a 6 hour domestic fight.

    Turkish Prawn: it was a car parts van, so you are right about the mechanical heart stuff.

    Tony: organs are more sound than pianos.

    Tooty Nolan: hee hee!

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