Coal doesn’t seem to be used as much as it used to be.

I guess not that many people are making snowmen anymore.


note: Old King Coal was a merry old sole ???

double note: I wonder if Superman‘s Fortress of Solitude has been affected by global warming.


Today #36

Today was “No Pain: A Little Gain

5 responses to “Coal

  1. 1. Benny the Troll burns coal in winter to heat his house
    2. Old King Coal? He was a shoe’s bottom?
    3. Oh great! Now I’ve Superman to worry about! He could live in Alaska with Sarah Palin! She’d cook him up some Moose and stuff!

  2. Didn’t the fiddlers three burn old king coal to keep themselves warm one really severe winter

  3. Or was King Coal the one who withdrew the fire poker Excalibur from the rock, or was it a frock, or a clock. Oh no not a clock that was in the hickory dickory story where the 3 mice ran up the clock & the clock struck 1 but the other 2 got away safe till the farmers wife Meredith cut off their tails. Or was it their tales, yes that was it, no bedtime tales for them because they were naughty & ate Little Red Riding Hood’s bowl of porridge & sat in her chair & slept in her bed because her grandmother had big eyes & big teeth & a big nose which grew longer if she told lies. Yes that’s right. Boy am I glad I got that straight, wouldn’t want to confuse anyone

  4. The snowman’s union have decided as a self preservation measure, to boycott the use of coal in an effort to minimise their carbon footprint and thereby reduce global warming.

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    S. Le: maybe it’s just my upbringing, but when I see people actually burn coal at their homes it just seems so Dickensian. Those water radiator heater things are a close second (although we had one at home when I was a kid for some reason).

    Tony: There used to be a segment on the Rocky and Bulwinkle show called “Fractured Fairytales“. Your story would have made a good one. hee hee!

    razzbuffnik: I knew I liked snowmen for some reason.

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