Water Safety


“Does everyone have their tube, orange hat, and full bladder?”



safety note: remember to drink a lot of fluids if you are out in the hot sun … and stay near large bodies of water without urine tracing chemicals in them.

note: it’s not the salt the keeps me from drinking sea water.


Today #35

I feel great, but I think today is hungover.


10 responses to “Water Safety

  1. Free shoes!

  2. Looks like fun.
    I need some beach time.

  3. They are tomorrow will be headachey, with a chance of mild nausea by morning here. Apparently the hangover front is moving west

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    S. Le: with great free shoes come great responsibilities … or something like that.

    writerdood: I live as far away from a beach as humanly possible in Japan. Where I live it is a $100 4 hour roundtrip to experience the beach. I went 5 times in 10 days though, … and I’ll probably go again tomorrow. Everyone says I’m crazy … some even about the going to the beach thing.

    omawarisan: I sometimes have morning sickness, but when it happens I’m pretty sure that I’m not pregnant.

  5. As a kid I was always to scared to pee in a pool because of the rumours about the urine tracing chemicals. I still don’t know whether to believe in them or not

  6. Better to drink beer, the alcohol kills the urine molecules in the water they use to make it.

  7. Where in the world did you find all those folks with orange hats. No pink, chartruesse, maroon, or biege. And they say us Golden Retrievers all look the same! And all those bodies and no Chlorine!

  8. I didn’t have enough to drink last night. I woke up very hungunder.

  9. The picture was taken in the Gulf of Mexico and the tubes actually personal oil barriers.

  10. Thanks for the comments.

    Tony: I’m still not sure about those urine tracing chemicals either. Maybe it’s just one of those urban myth things.

    sandysays1: I found them at the beach! hee hee!

    Bunk Strutts: I like waking up hungunder most days.

    razzbuffnik: my personal oil barrier as a teen had something to do with pimples. hee hee!

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