It’s Final For Now!


I’ve decided to decide all my decisions at the very last moment.




note: I’m still not sure if the indecision making process is working yet.

double note: cool shirt from Bunk Strutts over at Tacky Raccoons.

triple note: wordpress has gotten rid of the theme I was using … and the replacement isn’t sitting well with me (it’s a coke vs. new coke scenario), so if it looks different over here for a while, it’s because I’m trying to find a replacement that sits better.


Today #32

Today I uttered only vowels … and sometimes why.

12 responses to “It’s Final For Now!

  1. Your new layout is bizarre! The red bullets make me think of hurricanes, but I like your tag line.
    I’ve been changing my layout as well. It’s easier than trying to think of something to post.

    I need to visit Tacky Raccoons again. So many blogs to read, so little time.

  2. WooHoo! Just think… the more you have the longer you can put off doing the laundry. Thanks for the shout out.

  3. WorpDress did the same thing to raincoaster’s blog. Odd.

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Tammy: it does look Carolina Hurricanish. I’ve changed back to Coraline which replaced the Cutline theme. After using the same theme for 2 and a half years, nothing else looks right, so I guess I’ll settle for the most similarish theme.

    Bunk Strutts: I have to say it’s my favourite shirt at the moment … since my toothpickles t-shirt is in need of replacement. I’ll be back over soon to pick up a few more.
    Not one of my students has identified the drawing as being a raccoon though.

  5. It puzzles folks. It’s a raccoon that just realized it stepped into something sticky. It’s a recobanizable logo, so I left it pure and untouched since the day it was born as a doodle.

  6. Red Bullets??? Russian artillery???

  7. coool t-shirt.
    nice picture because you are a:
    cool dude. I will have to get you a couple cute ones from Texazzzzz!
    it’s hard to get used to a new format when you have used one for so long isn’t it?

  8. What does one take for ill-sitting blog templates? I was wondering why you changed your blog’s look. Hope you find one you like. You could always have it taken in; tailored to fit.

    Love the shirt! Fabulous!

    • I don’t see any red bullets. You must have changed it before I got here. Either that or I need prescription eyeballs. (yes I read your posts in reverse order. Hey! Your blog didn’t come with instructions!)

    • …and that should be ill-FITTING!

  9. Thanks for all the more comments!

    Bunk Strutts: I just bought another one, so I can wear 2 when the weather gets colder. hee hee!

    Tony: you must have missed the grungy theme I used for all of 12 hours … before deciding on the replacement for the discontinued Cutline theme.
    Isn’t Red Bullet an energy drink?

    heartwithasoul: if I’m not wearing the Tacky Raccoons t-shirt, I’m wearing my Kansas ones. thanks (smiley face)

    S. Le: it’s a good shirt innit? The theme experiment ended after about 12 hours, so you are stuck with this Cutline replacement until they replace this one.

  10. I use Copyblogger, plus the WordPress Mobile Pack plug-in for those accessing via cellphone. I admit Copyblogger is rather Spartan-looking, but it is simple to use, reliable, and loads FAST, which is the main thing as far as I am concerned.

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