Beyond The Pail … Or Pale


– blue 9 liter
– red 8 liter
– green 10 liter

Oh! It’s my bucket list!

I’m sure it looks rather pail compared to other people’s.


note: a pail of chicken just doesn’t sound as appetizing as a bucket of chicken.

double note: these 2 guys drank all that by 10:30 in the morning when I arrived; after that they didn’t have anything! … lightweights.

triple note: I don’t have a bucket list … I’m bucket listlessness I guess.


Today #31

I wish today was yesterday again because that was pretty good … and I wasn’t peeling yet.


4 responses to “Beyond The Pail … Or Pale

  1. Peeling? Ouch. You should have stayed under the umbrella with the pale.

  2. Donald Diddams: not exactly peeling … just a bit like a good pie crust … tender and flakey. hee hee!

  3. They didn’t need anything else after all that! They were passed out! If that guy gets a few more tatts he won’t need to tan!

  4. S. Le: they became alive later in the afternoon, but they stayed off the hooch.
    If he gets a few more tatts, he will be getting higher up the Yakuza ladder.

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