Be Prepared


I’m never prepared.

I’m postpared.


note: I’d make a good Boy Scout after everything has already happened to me.

double note: Boy Scouts badger me.

triple note: does aupair mean that 2 people are drunk?

quadruple note: oh! I saw Princess Leia too!


Today #30

Today I realized that I want children … grandchildren.


6 responses to “Be Prepared

  1. Interesting the bloke is wearing a mask and snorkel on the beach. Is the air quality bad there?

    If she isn’t careful with her drink she may have sticky buns.

    Sorry. Best I could do.

  2. At first I thought that was a hat, but when I embiggened it I realized it was in fact hair. It’s a hair-hat!

  3. Good grief Dennis is right it is a hair hat. I can’t see anyone wearing a mask & snorkel…
    Oh now I do. Dennis distracted me so much with the hair hat photo that I forgot there was a first photo. Why is that a bloke wearing a mask & snorkel not in the water??? Tsunami preparation maybe??? Never can be too careful

  4. I think the guy is practicing his strokes and needs the snorkel to make it feel realistic. Either that or he’s trying to impress some young lady with a hair-hat.

  5. lol I just love all of the characters that hang out at the beach. Hope all is well. Have a fun summer.

  6. Thanks for the comments.

    S. Le: he was preparing to go into the heavy 4 foot placid raging sea … well within the safety bouys. hee hee!

    Dennis the Vizsla: one bun on the top of the head is in fashion now, but the two bun look is so retro!

    Tony: he was just getting ready to go in the water, but he was just getting ready for 30 minutes … so I can’t really explain it.

    Donald Diddams: I usually practice my strokes by lying on the ground clutching my heart snorkeless. (looking skyward for retribution)

    Doraz: all is well; it’s a fun summer; … as for characters at the beach, what they bring to the beach is usually pretty interesting too!
    I swear people have families so they can help lug crap to the beach.

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