In Response To Ligion


I do a lot of things religiously … just not any of that religious stuff.


note: I lent these women my waterwings: … my arms are pretty big.
hee hee!

double note: it’s festival time, so I’ll be festive and scarce for 3 days.


Today #28

Today is going to make tomorrow look amazing by comparison a few days from now.

11 responses to “In Response To Ligion

  1. Yes I have learned one thing from one of my blogging friend that if you are not happy now then think how life has been good to you so far and to think about all the good things happened to you recently and comparing your present good life with the past unpleasant life . That’s what can make you real happy !
    Find out where you are on the happiness scale.

  2. The guy on the right has just returned from a swim, and has discovered a certain something has reduced in size somewhat alarmingly.

  3. I think you are right, Tooty Nolan… and he is particualy disturbed that this happened just as these two pretty girls approach. What to do!?

  4. I’m thinking the guy on the right has just discovered it’s a dog friendly beach.

    So you went to the beach with guns blazing? Are you considered armed and dangerous? Do you need a permit for those guns?

  5. Partly cloudy, high in the low eighties. Surf two to three feet, undertow advisory in the late afternoon.

  6. I never noticed the bloke on the right. My attention was focused in the centre. So soft & rounded & curvy. I’m talking about the blow up things of course…

  7. I forgot to ask. Who is Ligion anyway??? I thought it may have been an anagram but all I could come up with was Noigil, Gonili, Iglion, Nolgii, Ignoli, Lonigi & I don’t know who any of them are either

  8. “I am Ligion, I contain multitudes” … no, wait, that’s not quite right …

  9. Perhaps it is “I am Ligier – I produce small cars in France”, and somehow Planetross got the spelling wrong…

  10. Wow! 10 comments!

    You are all just encouraging me to take photos of bikini clad women at the beach … or where ever else I can find them. hee hee!

    Tasneem R: I’m happiest without scales. hee hee!

    Tooty Nolan: that never happens to me, I swim in the warm spots … usually by children and people with serious looks on their faces. hee hee!

    Donald Diddams: there were actually 5 women approaching the water, but the others were naked and frolicking too much to get a good photo of them. hee hee! (imagination running wild again)

    S. Le: I think the rest of my body is just dwindling. hee hee!

    People are pretty good at cleaning up their dogs’ crap at the beach … not so good at cleaning up their litter though sadly.

    omawarisan: it’s like you were there! Are you weather channeling or something? hee hee!

    Tony: I never noticed the guy on the right either until I looked at the photo on the computer.
    re:ligion was what I was going for, but then I got all wordy.

    Dennis the Vizsla: a Red Dwarf episode title flashed through my mind when I wrote that for some reason.

    Tooty Nolan: “I am lesion, hear my sore”pussibly this ones a groaner. hee hee!

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