Animal Bits


Some people find it hard to stick their neck out.

Animals don’t seem to have that problem … in vehicles.


note: I think all animals would stick their heads out of a moving vehicle if given the chance, except elephants … they might tip the Renault 5 possibly… and they have long memories.

double note: starfish may just lean an arm out of the window.

triple note: dogs are always sticking their noses into someone else’s business!

quadruple note: sticking your neck out requires a head start. hee hee!

quintuple note: do pigs even have a neck? … I never see them wearing scarves or ties.

sextuple note: animal crackers produce animal bits if you’re not careful … or are just plain messy.


Today #17

Today was like going from Steve to Cat to Yusuf in the blink of an eyeball.

5 responses to “Animal Bits

  1. Steve to Cat to Yusuf….ha ha ha…subtle, yet highly effective!

    PS, got the book, loving it!

  2. I don’t believe anybody or anything should stick their bits out a window. Unless it’s a full moon that is!

  3. I stick my neck out of windows. What animal am I???? lol 🙂 Have fun today.

  4. least the cow’s backside is not sticking out

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    omawarisan: thanks! I was listening to Cat Stevens and thinking … his last name can’t be Stevens!! What parent would give their kid a last name like that!!

    S. Le: fullmoon. hee hee!

    Doraz: a turtle? hee hee!

    heartwithasoul: that could get messy.

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