Fashionably Loud



I don’t follow fashion,

but to be fair

… it doesn’t follow me around either.


note: people who read fashion magazines are material witnesses.

double note: tailors, farmers, and uncaring people like to sew/so.

triple note: double stitching is so-so.


Today #16

Today is the first day of the rest of your life … but so were all the others.
I guess people can only print so much on buttons and fridge magnets.

10 responses to “Fashionably Loud

  1. suck my toe all the way to mexico? Little by little this fashion is reaching the U.S.

  2. The most intriguing case of “fashion” that I ever saw was on a train full of South Korean students that was going from Munich to Prague. One of the girls was dressed pretty much like a baby doll made out of lace and bows and had the magazines to go with it. Action Girl and I were both amazed and sort of horrified at the same time. Not sure what her statement was, but it was pretty hard to miss!


  3. I like the shot. I wonder how much time people like in the shot take to get ready in the morning. I suspect they must either take an age or they just grab anything.

  4. Oh, I think this look is very “studied” razzbuffnik… And Ross, if this is fashion, feel fortunate that it’s not following you around!

  5. A style to take on with a smile. 🙂

  6. Thanks for the comments!

    sweetiegirlz: that little rhyme is “So so suck my toe all the way to Mexico“. I sometimes have flashbacks to elementary school. It’s probably from the the same time period of “Hey hey get out of our way. We just came back from the S.P.C.A.” … or USA sometimes.

    Turkish Prawn: my friend Mr. Pettit sees groups of people dressed up as anime characters through out the year visiting his workplace. He’s still yet to take a picture … or phone me when this happens. (sad face)

    Razzbuffnik: I can just imagine the woman/girl in the photo looking at those pants in the store and saying, “these will go well with my mismatched striped socks!” hee hee!

    Donald Diddams: I don’t venture into the big cities very often, so I’m usually not assaulted and peppered with fashion. (wearing $9 green shorts and wifebeater)

    Doraz: … and sunglasses! hee hee!

  7. I could hear their outfits from here!

  8. The one on the left (our left) appears to have forgotten her bells & motley at court.

  9. I don’t follow fashion. I don’ like fashion.

  10. S. Le: the girl on our right is actually robed in a very popular style at the moment.
    I was going to undress the one on the left with my eyes, but I went blind momentarily. hee hee!

    Dennis the Vizsla: … and any fashion sense. I mean, come on! where are the polka dots!!!!

    annket: thanks for stopping by. Fashion is like people wearing thongs at the beach … some you like and some you don’t. hee hee!

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