It’s amazing what people weave with the threads of their lives.

Some people make dreamcatchers, nooses, tourniquets, hammocks,  fishing nets

I’m working on a very long yo-yo string myself.


note: I’d like to see an intricate tapestry when I view the past, but I can’t see past the giant ball of lint.

double note: fishermen are like boxers … they weave and bob.
(boxers: the guys in the ring, not the underpants)


Today #14

If I had a time machine, today would just be a tick on the clock as I zoomed somewhere else.


8 responses to “Threads

  1. I hate when you pull on a thread and the fabric begins to unravel or the button falls off.

    I have never tied a string around my finger to help me remember something. I have put many rubber bands around my wrist. Usually so I can remember to throw it away so the cat doesn’t eat it.

  2. Yo yo yo . do you yo yo with your pinky finger?

  3. Are you in a state of “yo?”

  4. The “tapestry of the past” and not “seeing past the ball of lint” — wonderful images, Ross! I get it completely!

  5. I used to love yo-yo, I was never very good at it though…and the string used to tighten while I was trying to do ‘tricks’ with it…making my finger go blue.

  6. Thanks for the comments.


    heartwithasoul: I usually yo-yo with a yo-yo actually. hee hee!

    S. Le: I’m in a state of yo sometimes and then it’s all deja vous for a while after that. hee hee!

    Donald Diddams: thanks.

    note: I’m off to Yokohama for the weekend. I hear they have some good tires there. hee hee!
    I’ll be back tomorrow night or Monday. Be good.

  7. Cynical Scribble: I’ve mastered the basic tricks: walk the dog, sleeper, baby in a cradle.
    … but I mastered them 30 years ago and haven’t mastered anything since. I can still impress little kids who haven’t learnt anything yet though!

  8. Walk the dog! that was the one I was trying to remember. I know it’s a basic trick, but I could do that everytime. I think I managed baby in a cradle a handful of times too. As you said, it was a while since I done them, not sure I could do them now.
    I liked throwing it towards my mates face and flicking it back to me before it hit him.

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