Old Mother Hubbard


I find myself threadbare and all elbowpatchy.

I’m taking an intermission … for intermissionary reasons.

Please enjoy other people’s popcorn until I find my own again.


note: I’ll still be around, but not so circley … I guess.

double note: humming the theme song to Lawrence of Arabia may help.


Today #7

Today smelt like smelts.

10 responses to “Old Mother Hubbard

  1. what? Youre taking an intermission for missionary positions? That’s just wrong. 😉

  2. What sort of secret mission are you going inter???

  3. (stage whisper)

  4. Who knows what lurks behind the “Ironed Curtain”.

  5. I just want to see Ross eat popcorn like that. 😉

    Enjoy the mini-break!


  6. Have a good break, even though we might get hungry. Not everyone’s popcorn is the same, you know!

  7. Thanks for other people’s popcorn. I think I’ll take a restroom break as well, and maybe get myself a drink. hee hee! Hope you aren’t long.
    Enjoy your intermission. 🙂

  8. OK…Doraz here. It is time to come back and make us smile. We miss ya. 🙂 Hope you are getting done what you need to get done. It should be a done deal, right? lol 🙂

  9. I have my copy of your book. What an excellent coffee table book it is. There’s no need to start at the beginning and and work my way through. I just dip in at random whenever I’m passing. To anyone who’s reading this – if you like I Am the Cheese – you’ll love Same Ship Different Day. Buy it immediately – if not sooner.

  10. Thanks for all the comments!

    sweetiegirlz: I was going to include the “intermission” in my book, but after I shortened it … it didn’t seem long enough for an intermission, so I thought I’d use it here instead.
    I still like the idea of an intermission in a book though: I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.

    Tony: that information is classified … I guess it was an o-mission of sorts. hee hee!

    Dennis the Vizsla:ignore the man behind the curtain!” hee hee!

    razzbuffnik: behind the ironed curtain is … a curtainment field … or something like that.

    Turkish Prawn: I bought that popcorn at a movie theatre in a shopping center. I didn’t go to a movie … I just bought the popcorn, put it into a big paper bag, and walked back out into the mall again.

    Donald Diddams: thanks! the break was good. June is the busiest month for kindergarten work, while July is the best month for paydays though. It all evens out.

    Tammy: thanks!

    Doraz: I think I’m back to normal soon. I don’t know how I keep coming back to it, but I do.

    Tooty Nolan: I’m glad you are enjoying the book! Thanks for the comment.

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