No wonder Roman Centurions were so difficult to beat in battle …

who wants to beat up a bunch of 100 year olds?


note: do I go to Century 19 to buy an old house?

double note: being born in a leap century would really cut down on birthday presents.

triple note: I bet they forgot about a few years during the Dark Ages. How do we really know?


Today #4

Today I was so grumpy I kept looking around for the other 6 dwarves.

8 responses to “Centurions

  1. Did you find them??? lol 🙂 Be happy. 🙂

  2. Weirdest bunch of toy soldiers I’ve ever seen. Just leave the drummers alone… they’re harmless (except for a little noise and the tall hats).

  3. “who wants to beat up a bunch of 100 year olds?”

    Their carers in the nursing homes?

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Doraz: that’s the problem with the Dark Ages: all the photos from that time are in black. I guess white hadn’t been invented yet. hee hee!

    Donald Diddams: I saw this in a small display unit at a train station. I can’t remember why though. hee hee!

    razzbuffnik: hee hee!

  5. Pretty soon, we will be half a century old. HA! okay sorry…

  6. Centurian can be very brutal, esecially if they Frow Yoo to the fwor

  7. or if you don’t know your Latin grammer.

  8. Tony and razzbuffnik: hee hee!

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