A Defying Moment


Defying death, the odds, gravity, and logic

… would make a good YouTube video.


note: defying the evens doesn’t sound like a safe bet.


Today #3

Today I could hear Bob Geldof singing in the background.

5 responses to “A Defying Moment

  1. I think the window could be improved with some graffiti that says, “ebola was here”

  2. razzbuffnik: this is a little bit of Yayoi Kusama‘s work:

    Yayoi Kusama and the makers of Twister must be the reigning “making a living out of polka dots” champions. hee hee!

  3. Some days I wish I could hide like that! haha! Mommy, where are you??

  4. sweetiegirlz: leopards always have hides like that. hee hee!

  5. Why are those people splattered with blood??? Looks like a crime scene

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