Cross Word Puzzle



note: I was thinking of a “p” word. If you’re thinking of an “f” word, well that’s your business.

double note: I’ve updated “Same Ship, Different Day” to make it easier to read. I’ve ordered a bunch and when they get here, I will be sending you your copies. End of June is my guestimate. If you haven’t sent me an e-mail yet at  for your free copy (blogroll people only), you’ve got time. 


Today #2

Today unfolded like a roadmap of a desert.


4 responses to “Cross Word Puzzle

  1. topographical map of the desert? i have a map to dessert. i feel you’d be proud of those

  2. tsanda: a map to dessert would be very nice.

  3. ummm… very nice. my kind of puzzle.

  4. sweetiegirlz: myself and a coworker have been doing the weekly 10 word mini-crossword puzzle at the back of a little English-Japanese newspaper we get at work.
    It’s amazing how much I dislike crossword puzzles … none of them are this easy. hee hee!

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