Just Thought You Should Know


I think of my lungs as being at the front of my body.

– It takes me exactly 8 bites to eat a Big Mac … no more; no less.

I now understand why old men wear hats … I just don’t 
  know why they wear such bad ones … and while driving.

– I still don’t understand “the women sitting in the backseat” thing.

If someone told me I had 4 years to live, the first thing to run
   through my head would be if that year was a leap year or not.

– My sister says “Holy Shmoley“. That bothers me for some reason.
   It should be “Holy Crowley Guacamole” or nothing at all in my books.

There are 3 mints and an unchewed piece of gum trapped under
  the seat of my van. I will rescue them one day.

– I’ve considered the lilies … because I’m considerate.

– “metallurgy” makes me think of hayfever for some reason.

– I walked to 7-11 humming Ringo Starr’s “No, No No Song“, bought a 6
  pack of beer, and won a little container of apple yogurt before coming back
  here and finishing off this entry.

I have mixed feelings about Cheap Trick.


Bad Thoughts While Hanging Out The Laundry #1

Being deaf with no hands.

6 responses to “Just Thought You Should Know

  1. I see old men wear their hat crooked? Why don’t they straighten it? I want to straighten it for them, like a picture hanging crooked on a wall.

    You should rescued those items under your van seat and do an experiment. 😉

    How did you win the yogurt? Did you make a beer smoothie?

    I have mixed feelings about Styx.

  2. When you figure the women in the back seat thing out, will you let me know?

  3. Did’ja really mean to say, “Just though you should know?” I mean, that is really incorrect English. Of course you ARE Canadian!

    You’ve counted the bites it takes to eat a Big Mac? You must be bored and eat alone. I’ve not eaten a Big Mac in many years. I sometimes miss them until I think of the calories, then… not so much.

  4. S. Le: that was a typo eh!

  5. I haven’t eaten a Big Mac since my fast food review series. I guess I should repost that as it was on the previous blog, you know the one that got deleted
    Um actually one of many that got deleted….

  6. Thanks for all the comments.

    Tammy: there is some promotion going on at 7-11 for a few weeks. For every 1,000 yen you spend, you get to stick your hand in a box and pull out a little card that either gets you a freebie product … or a try again.
    Sometimes I stick my hand in the box and pretend that something is biting my hand. It’s quite pathetic actually. hee hee!

    omawarisan: it could take me a while to figure that one out.

    S. Le: I don’t usually eat alone at McDonald’s … there are the people eating at other tables and the staff there too! hee hee!

    Tony: are you talking about the cheeseburger in your backshed post? That was a classic.

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