The BackYard … Or So.


I wish I lived in a revolving house

… because I really want to have a backyard BBQ.


note: revolving doors are cool! … revolving door knobs not so much.

double note: my house revolves … around the sun at least.

triple note: if I had a revolving house, the doormat would have to be pretty long … and round.


Trivial Bets #7

One English Prime Minister was Canadian. (true)
Andrew Boner Law

planetross 3 – trivial better 4


8 responses to “The BackYard … Or So.

  1. There’s room for a BBQ right there next to the propane tank.

  2. So you’ve taken to stealing people’s wheelchairs have you? 😉

    I think a BBQ would be cozy there. lol.

  3. A gas cylinder and a wheel chair. Sounds like a recipe for fun!

  4. Hunh hunh hunh … he said “Boner” …

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    writerdood: that tank heats my water and makes my frying pan warm.
    … the one for the BBQ was hard fought for … as propane is a controlled substance in Japan … and I’m probably the only person with a propane BBQ in this city.

    sweetiegirlz: that’s my wheelchair!

    Tooty Nolan: all that is missing is the straight road … and a good friend with a video camera to post the results on youtube. hee hee!

    Dennis the Vizsla: I was waiting for that one. You don’t think I would have remembered that guy’s name since university if there wasn’t a boner in it do you? hee hee!

  6. You could unfold the wheel chair, put a BBQ plate across the arm rests & light a fire on the seat.

    BTW Flat Tony World Tour 2010 is now on if you wanna have him there again. Unless of course you can’t really afford another huge bandaid bill in these tough economic times

  7. Are they marijuana plants at the back. Have you got a cat because your backyard isn’t really big enough to swing one.

    Note: There’s an Australian expression about small spaces. “There isn’t enough room to swing a cat in there”

    Double note: I just wanted to do a double note on your blog…

  8. Tony: since taking that photo I’ve done a bit of weeding back there … they are weeds, but not that type of weed.
    I don’t even think there is enough room to juggle cats!

    note: I’ll have to get back to you about the FTWT 2010.

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