Impractical Jokes


In Matsumoto on the weekend there was an army of college students dotted around the city sitting on chairs, looking bored, and clicking little clickers counting pedestrian traffic.

I thought it would be funny to walk back and forth in front of one of them and have them keep clicking me over and over again.

It wasn’t funny.

Sometimes practical jokes shouldn’t be put into practice.


note: stopping just as you are about to pass those clicker people isn’t any funnier.

double note: I guess this idea was an ideological joke only.


Trivial Bets #5

Toni Tennille of “The Captain and Tennille” fame was a backup singer on Pink Floyd‘s “Darkside of the Moon” album. (false)

planetross 1 – trivial better 4

5 responses to “Impractical Jokes

  1. Trivial bets # 5…oh thank god.

  2. Yes. Some practical jokes are impractical. Some are also disadvantageous. Annoy enough people and they will “dis” you! Sorry. I’ll go home now.

  3. Wouldn’t the army shoot you for disrupting their activities????
    Oh I just scrolled up & re-read it, an army of college students, not army students. My error…
    Now YOU will have to shoot me

  4. Speaking of mushroom caps… Japan must have more weird public art per “cap” -ita than anywhere I’ve seen.

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    omawarisan: I got sucked in to this fallacy years ago for some reason. I never did fall for the “Alice Cooper was Leave it to Beaver” urban legend though. I may have lost a few dollars on this one 10 years ago.

    S. Le: the person clicking just gave me the cold blank stare, so I kept on walking.

    Tony: an army of legs would be scary! I won’t shoot you; I’m a sadist … and my elastic band gun is out of ammo. hee hee!

    Donald Diddams: I don’t think I’ve seen weirder anywhere either … and in such abundance. Matsumoto and Kanazawa city are kind of known for having different arty type stuff scattered around the city.
    I have too look a little harder in other places.

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