I’ve Come To The Conclusion That …


I don’t know anything about so many things …

 I’m probably an expert on that by now.


note: I am full of “I don’t knowledge“.


notes to myself #194

It’s not Flamingo dancing … it’s Flamenco dancing.


6 responses to “I’ve Come To The Conclusion That …

  1. I don’t knowism makes an effective philosophy.

  2. I’m not sure who that little fellow is but he scares me a little …

  3. “I don’t know” is a very underused phrase. And I’ll look up that little guy’s nostrils if I please, but I don’t know why.

  4. You are good at figuring out all that is strange,,, lol 🙂 Love the image. Stop looking. lol 🙂 Tooo fun.

  5. I think the statue is strange as well. Put it away now. I’ll wait…

    My former boss always called flamingos, flamencos. She had a Master’s degree in Library Science.

  6. Thanks for the comments!

    writerdood: I like to say “I don’t know” in a caveman mumble. This usually distracts people from my lack of knowledge and makes them focus on me being an idiot instead.

    note: I thought you were the blogger Otto Mann reincarnated, but now that I’ve looked at your site … I guess I was wrong: I usually am.

    Dennis the Vizsla: I saw this thing in a cabinet at a Japanese style hotel I stayed at. The place was full of antiques and dust collectors.

    Donald Diddams: I never try to bluff people. If I don’t know the answer, I just point somewhere and say “Did you see that?” It doesn’t work on some people though.

    Doraz: sometimes I can’t figurine things out … so I just take pictures of them. hee hee!

    S. Le: my former boss used to say “Hey Hey We’re the Monkees! … famous rock band from the 60’s“, but he was from Saskatchewan for some reason.

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