Transitting And Thinking


I like driving.

My destination doesn’t have to be too important: it’s the journey that I like.

There’s just something about being out watching the world go by as I go by. It makes me feel productive, without having to do anything very productive.

I regularly drive an hour to do or buy something that I could do or buy about 5 minutes away from where I live.

Sometimes I enjoy the trip so much, I am a bit disappointed when I get to where I am going. I want to keep driving.

I guess I’m a journeyman … and my craft is my van.


note: sometimes the distance between two points is the point.

double note: I drove an hour to buy *cranberry juice. Now it’s gone! I guess I’ll have to go back and get some more next weekend.

*cranberry juice isn’t something I can find 5 minutes away


notes to myself #192

Sometimes it’s the little things that keep us sane.

8 responses to “Transitting And Thinking

  1. Road trip!!! That would be funny if you drove an hour, got the cranberry juice and drank it all on the way home.

  2. I did some very boring and irritating transitting in a huge traffic jam on Friday night. As a matter of fact, I’d say the experience could be described as transhitting.

  3. I used to feel this way, and still do when the back roads are available. But now the interstates in the US are so boring, such unrelenting sameness, that arriving anywhere — even a gas station — is a relief.

  4. I agree with Donald. There’s not much fun about the 5 or the 15, at least not around here! But when you get out into the desert or up into the mountains, things get interesting again.

  5. Cynical Scribble

    Unless there is a specific reason to make a journey I won’t make it, it just seems a bit…pointless – although I suppose that’s the idea (not to mention using a loads of petrol aimlessly)! Plus, as others have mentioned, the scenery isn’t great around here!

  6. Thanks for the comments.

    sweetiegirlz: the cranberry juice made it home, but it didn’t last too long after that. The shop only had 2 bottles of the stuff: I drank one and gave the other to a person I know who I met at the shopping center and had never tried cranberry juice before.
    I actually got a haircut while I was there as well, so it wasn’t so very very very pointless.

    razzbuffnik: I’m lucky to live in an area that doesn’t produce too many traffic jams on the roads I travel on regularly.

    Donald Diddams: I live in an area with pretty good scenery … and when travelling through more urban areas there is usually something interesting that catches my attention … or I’m too busy listening to music and thinking about that cranberry juice.

    Dennis the Vizsla: I guess living in the countryside has its perks. Some would say there isn’t much going on here, but at least the driving is nicer.

    Cynical Scribble: I live about a 5 minute drive from where I work, so on the weekends if I’ve got nothing better to do, it’s nice to get out and go a little further afield: roll down the windows, listen to music, and think of nothing in particular (blog material).
    loads of petrol“! Have you seen my van?? hee hee!

  7. think of nothing in particular (blog material)

    So you’re saying your blog is about nothing? Like Seinfeld then. Hmmm… well it worked for him for years!

  8. S. Le: usually when I think about nothing, something silly enters my head: something has to fill the void.
    My head doesn’t like vacuums … or something like that. hee hee!

    note: I think this blog isn’t about nothing … it’s about nothing in detail. hee hee!

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