I found GOD

… but I still went to my regular barber to get a haircut.


note: I wasn’t allowed in; you need an appointment!

double note: GOD isn’t everywhere … it’s not a chainstore/franchise.

triple note: GOD drives a red car!


notes to myself #191

Don’t get a rubik’s cube. That thing will mess with your head.


12 responses to “GOD

  1. I’d like to see the menu please.

  2. If God cuts your hair, do you tip him or just say an extra prayer right in front of h(im) (er)?

  3. Actually, GOD owns a liquor store in the city of KUSATSU as well. Unless it went out of business recently?

  4. does God translate into something in Japan, or is it a name of someone?

  5. I thought Heaven would be, I don’t know, pearlier …

  6. Thanks for the comments.

    writerdood: this isn’t a “house of pancakes“! … it’s a “house of GOD” … hair and make-up. hee hee!

    omawarisan: I think it would be a pretty good day if GOD cuts my hair … my tip would be to make the uniforms a little more trendy … maybe jetpacks instead of wings. hee hee!

    Kelly Pettit: I went looking for that photo, but couldn’t find it. My photo archives from 2005 are a bit here and there and not here or not there too!

    sweetiegirlz: no “God” is just the English word for “God” over here. Someone just thinks that word is a good name for a business.
    I guess it’s no worse than “Mohammad’s Pizza” or “Allah’s BBQ” or “Buddha Drycleaning” or “Vishnu’spaper and Magazines” … but it’s more noticeable as someone from a region where a lot of people believe in God.

    Dennis the Vizsla: there is a snack bar (bar)called Heaven in this town, but I’ve never been there … at least not yet.

  7. GOD salon and liquors… now you just can’t make this stuff up.

  8. Donald Diddams: it’s a bonus when I don’t have to make things up … like this and … hotel beds.

  9. You should open up your own GOD…just for competition. hee hee!

    This post reminds me of your post about the car called “That”. That and GOD are hilarious!

    Let us know if you come find a JESUS or ZEUS.

  10. Too bad God has to advertise. Seems so cheap somehow.

  11. Tammy: a GOD’s Bakery and Coffee shop would be quite nice. People could say “Let’s find GOD and take a break.” A Jesus’ Pizza could have the motto “Jesus is coming in 30 minutes … or the pizza is free!” hee hee!

    S. Le: advertising in the yellow pages will certainly mean things have become really tough.

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