Broken promises are recyclable

… or at least biodegradable.


note:  a promise … I cross my heart
               a broken promise … I double cross my heart.

double note: broken promises are liabilities
                               promises are reliabilities.

triple note: there is no “compromise” in a promise, but there is a “promise” in compromise … for some reason.

quadruple note: this guy makes me laugh everytime I see him … I’m sure he says the same thing about me … so we are even.

quintuple note: bicycles are recyclable.


notes to myself #189

You don’t belong to too many clubs … and none of them have cool clubhouses either.

3 responses to “Recyclable

  1. I should ride my bicycle.

    (I love “Queen”)

  2. I am off and riding. lol 🙂

  3. S. Le: I forget the last time I rode a bicycle, but I still know how … or so I’ve been told.

    Doraz: “I am often riding.” hee hee!

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