Life Has Been Made Better


These guys corrected their bumpersticker!

It’s a proud day

… and not so annoying to drive behind now.


note: are worn out bumperstickers, bumperstuckers? … or bimperstuckers? … or just crappy looking?

double note: I get most of my news from bumperstickers these days … but I’m not showing anyone my tits!

triple note: yes, I know the bumpersticker is still a bit messed up with the English, but it’s a start.


notes to yourself #287

I’m sure the last 100 notes to myself  have done the job. We are rich, healthy, and an amazing person.
… or maybe I’ve just made a typo and it should be #187 and nothing has changed.

2 responses to “Life Has Been Made Better

  1. Perhaps it was only a comment about one’s underwear?

  2. S. Le: this company must have had the BVDs: B&V Dyslexia.

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