Across The World


At this moment somewhere in the world a person believes the exact opposite of what you believe on any given subject or topic.

I bet if you got enough people together they would believe most things.

I’m actually blue.

It’s your eyes that are messed up.


note: if there is one person who believes the opposite of everything I believe, they must be wearing a yellow sweater.

double note: alcohol just sitting in bottles has a lot of potential.

triple note: I have no disappointments on my schedule today.


notes to myself #188

The last notes to myself  was just a typo … sadly.


2 responses to “Across The World

  1. Getting old enough to be one’s father must be confusing for you. My answer? Quit taking photos of one’s self or at least don’t look at them. That’s what I do at least.

  2. S. Le: I guess I’m old enough to be a lot of people’s fathers … but I’m not.
    It’s just strange to see my own looking back at me sometimes … and probably wearing the same shorts too!

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