Tunnel Vision



Having tunnel vision in a tunnel is probably a good thing.


note: having cave vision would be batty.

double note: a cave is just a lazy tunnel.

triple note: I have cavemannerisms.


notes to myself #186

We never get tired of watching The Great Escape.


4 responses to “Tunnel Vision

  1. Wouldn’t tunnel vision be a necessity for a miner?

    “Where should we dig?”
    “Oh, I don’t know. Anywhere, I guess.”

  2. I’ve always thought peripheral vision was cool.
    Where would that be needed?

    Why am I thinking of claustrophobia and Captain Caveman?

  3. The light at the end of the tunnel, seen from the opposite end is the light at the beginning of the tunnel, n’est ce pas?

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Turkish Prawn: hee hee!
    There are some cave around here that were used during WW2 to put “things” together. Mr. Pettit has visited them many times. I’ll have to go with him for a look sooner than later.

    Tammy: peripheral vision is needed to the left and right of you. hee hee!

    S. Le: actually these are 2 tunnels with about 25 meters between them. There is a series of 28 tunnels in a row between Nagaoka city and Kanazawa city. I didn’t count them or anything: they are numbered!

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