Bedging My Hets



I bet the world’s longest yo-yo string is about as long as the world’s shortest kite string.

I could be wrong; I usually am.


note: the Elgin Marbles are probably for rich kids … or thieves.

double note: I can walk the dog on the top of a 9 story building … but I can’t go around the world … because that needs a really really big building.


notes to myself #185

Putting your faith in faith is like putting your control in control … or your pizza in pizza. It sounds good in your head, but not so good in practice.
You’ll have to figure this one out.


5 responses to “Bedging My Hets

  1. Your posts are always humorous ! Keep the fun going !

    The Blogging Test-What kind of blogger are you?

  2. Hedging my bets? An idiom, right? About commitment?
    Is this a long lost photo of Michael Jackson?

    Why am I asking so many questions? 🙂

  3. I’m totally confused by your note to yourself, but that’s OK ’cause it’s to you not me… fortunately.

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Jingle: bells. hee hee!

    Tasneem R: thanks.

    Tammy: I don’t know if the idiom/saying is about commitment. I think it applies to everything.
    The guy in the photo is usually sitting outside reading the newspaper across the street from where I get gas. He just dresses very strangely usually … always.

    S. Le: I don’t know what that note really is suppose to mean either. I guess my future self will figure it out. hee hee!

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