Van … ishing


The van’s “rain umbrellas” deployed accidentally during a wash.


note: someone called it a dirty old van, so I washed it.
The same person called it a dirty old van afterwards too!
Maybe I need a hearing check.


notes to myself #180

The doctor doesn’t let us keep the meteor sized chunk of wax that he flushes out of our ear when we are 9 years old. I’m pretty sure he kept it for himself.


7 responses to “Van … ishing

  1. Are you sure they are not rainbow umbrellas? Aren’t they supposed to be on the outside??? Imagine if the Starship Enterprise’s super duper whatever they are called shields were on the inside. Ship’s hull gets destroyed by Klingons but at least all the inside stuff was protected, even if it does spend the rest of eternity drifting aimlessly in space. The crew would the passenger grab handles to klingon to

  2. Ummm… that’s “The crew would NEED the passenger grab handles to klingon to”

  3. haha ross you got the same spam I did.

  4. sweetiegirlz: thanks

  5. You are so gross in many, varied ways.

  6. S. Le: I was wondering how I was gross on this one … and then I remembered the earwax bit. hee hee!

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