Pooling Resources


Why does drying out require so much liquid?


note: my holiday is officially over and hopefully normal posting and checking out all of your blogs will resume normally.

double note: I haven’t been a total bum for the last week.


Just waiting for a copy to see if it looks okay and is ready for public consumption.

As I said before, I will send anyone on my blogroll a free copy. … I figure you’ve read most of this stuff in one form or another over the last few years, so it’s not like it’s anything too new and exciting.

If you would like a copy (hopefully arriving at a postbox near you in June) … and don’t mind sending an address to hey_ross@hotmail.com  , I will mail you one. All names/addresses info will be strictly confidential.

If you don’t trust me with your confidential info, you can still read it on here for free when I officially publish it publicly. ( hopefully May 20 something or so) … and I figure out how to attach a blurb widgetty thingey over here.


notes to myself #178

The first day back at school is a lot easier than the first day back at work:
you don’t get any new pencils or anything!


4 responses to “Pooling Resources

  1. Wait…you’ve written a book? That is so cool!

  2. omawarisan: I’ll send you 2 books for actually being the only one to leave a comment.

  3. Hey, Mark Twain isn’t mailing me free books, you shouldn’t have to. Sure he’s dead, but that doesn’t mean I wont pay for your work like a proper author.

  4. omawarisan: you’ll be able to see it on here for free too!
    I keep checking my doorslot for the post office slip saying “they came by when they knew I wasn’t going to be here.”

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