Experiment #6


Three of my experiments are dead or complete.
The other two are limping along.
I was in a rut and needed something new to fill in countless freetime hours.

I was debating over growing mini-carrots or becoming a mini-peanut plantation owner when Mr. Pettit  brought my attention to “The Legend of Ants: Pyramid Mystery” through pointing and more pointing.

I’m not really a pet person, but ants I can handle! … and I can call myself a farmer too!

So myself and Mr. Pettit  are now owners of ant farms and will probably have farmer tans in no time … and start petitioning the government for subsidies … and wearing overalls over our underalls … and hanging out at farmers’ markets and stuff.


note: ants are hard to catch … alive.

double note: top right hand corner “KIDS with ANT“.

triple note: I have the cool pyramid one. Mr. Pettit went for the traditional model.


notes to myself #175

Chocolate milk never loses its appeal.


8 responses to “Experiment #6

  1. What is with this Mr. Pettite . Is He the Adam of the ant farmers?

  2. Why are they full of blue toilet cleaning liquid? won’t they drown? I think you are supposed to fill them with sand for a better survival rate. I had one once & caught a lot of really small ants from the back yard. The next day they were all gone, they escaped through the airholes. Maybe bullants would’ve been a better choice.

  3. I think my nephew has this. It’s cool! Hope you have fun catching them! I can hear the little bugs now: “no!!! don’t want to be an experiment!” lol.

  4. I am very sad re: the dead bulbs. I really liked those. These new ones look very cool but I doubt they have the personalities the bulbs (now deceased, R.I.P.) had.

  5. Farmer Ross, are you no longer a planet?

    Very cool ant farms! What is that blue gel solution? We just have boring dirt in our ant farms here.

    Can ants live in ant farms without a queen? Is this true? Inquiring minds what to know.

    “I eat ants.” -the Aardvark.

  6. Thanks for the comments.

    smwwjapan: if this is true, than I must be the Eve … and that’s not too good really.

    Tony: that blue stuff is high-tech something: food, soileyish, and everything else a modern ant needs these days.

    sweetiegirlz: a few faked me out when I put them in the “Pyramid“, they just stayed still until I thought they were dead and then escaped when I opened it up for a closer look. I am wiser now.

    S. Le: the “Bulbs” were cool, but they never really got big and abundant like I thought they would.
    I’m giving all the ants names to make them more personable. I might even give them human names!

    Tammy: the blue gel is jelly like. I had to measure water, stir, use the microwave, and open not one … but three packages!
    -Can Australia live without a queen is a more pressing question pressing on me … when I think about it. hee hee!
    -the Aardvark had all the good quotes. The Pink Panther just had the cool music going for him.

  7. An ant Farmer. I’ve never thought of that. When people ask me what do I “do” I can now tell them I’m an ant Farmer. Hmmm I’m going to have to think on this one. It may be the answer to one of my life’s problems.

  8. starlaschat: thanks for stopping by! It’s not a bad response to most questions. hee hee!

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