Shoeless Horses



Whenever I see people playing horseshoes …

I always think of the poor horses who had to walk home from the party in their socks.


note: a shoeless horse isn’t a shoe horse; a naked horse isn’t a clothes horse either.

double note: I consider cows “hippies” because they walk around without shoes all the time … and they look kind of out of it too.

triple note: are horses the only animal that wears shoes? … other than that chimp who stole mine of course.


notes to myself #169

Deer don’t leave footprints. They wear hooves dummy!

4 responses to “Shoeless Horses

  1. I agree with you on the cows… hippies who just never grew up, for sure.
    By the way, I think that’s a zebra-stick, not just a simple zebra in that truck.

  2. Donald Diddams: is a zebra-stick for taming zebras? … or do ice hockey referees use those sometimes.

  3. What’s with the truck, does it contain shoeless horses getting a lift home so they don’t get their hooves dirty. And why do the horses have the zebra’s stick anyway??? which means there are some stickless zebras out there somewhere

  4. Tony: In no specific order … possibly. I don’t know. possibly. hee hee!

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