Blogbligatory Entry


It has been 2 years since I started blogging on wordpress.

This is almost becoming a regular annual reoccurence.

I always knew I had nothing to write about …
I just never knew how much nothing I had to write about.

When I shake my head there is still something rattling inside it, so I am not empty yet.

I will continue to move ahead … or continue … or not stop … or something like that.
… it just won’t be a head like those Easter Islanders made.

I will go fourth and prosper like Norway in the 2010 Olympic medal standings … and possibly Thor Heyerdahl will visit me in my sleep while I’m awake, so I remember it, and tell me how to move a head better.


note: thanks to everyone who actually continue to read these things on a regular basis frequently.
You are all puttons for glunishment … or some real words that sound similar … like bad homonyms.


notes to myself #148

You are always a bridesmaid never a bride. … it’s a lesser of two evils scenario if you think about it.


11 responses to “Blogbligatory Entry

  1. CONGRATS yo you! 🙂 You have got sooo many fun and interesting takes on life. I just love coming over for a visit! I hope you stay well and happy! Remember to smile! 🙂 Any new shirts lately? lol

  2. Common phenomenon occurring with most of the bloggers 😛

  3. Ahhh… a shrunken Easter Island head! I want one!

    I went through a bit of a stage back in the early 1980’s and read nearly everything that Thor Heyerdahl ever wrote. I’ve even been to a lecture by him. Even though some of his theories have been proven wrong, I still think he was a great man.

  4. Thor coming to you in your sleep might be scary, I’d recommend keeping the doors locked.

    congrats on the recurrence!

    PS – I am the first person ever to write that.

  5. Congratulations on your second year of wordpressing!

  6. Happy duoblogoversary. Strangely enough that’s about how long I’ve been on WordPress but my blog is only about a month old…. Must be something strange going on with the space/time continuum

  7. Only two years? Seems more like 104 weeks ago. Congrats, plane!

  8. ‘appy blogday

    I think I started about 2 years ago too. Time flies when you’re having fun!

    I remember when all this was just fields…

  9. How do you get ahead? Buy one!

    Happy bloggersversary!

  10. Thanks for all the comments!

    Doraz: I bought a few shirts on the weekend and someone sent me a few cool Kansas t-shirts recently. I guess they are mine now. hee hee!

    Collin: I wonder if there are stats on how long most people blog for.
    wordpress should have those stats somewhere. I’m going to ask them.

    Razzbuffnik: I will have to go back and find out how much that head is worth now.
    I might even give that head a tip … just to be historical. hee hee!

    omawarisan: what should people in tents do? … they are screwed!! hee hee!

    Era: thanks!

    Tony: you are kind of the Meatloaf of blogging. hee hee!
    I mean this in a good way.

    Bunk Strutts: when you say it like that it doesn’t seem like so long now. thanks!

    Cynical Scribble: I’m with S. Le on your comment. That is a very nice image.

    S. Le: hee hee! thanks!

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