They elect a new Pope here everyday.


note: I’ll have to seclude myself and look inward to find a joke about conclave and concave.

double note: playing with matches at a match factory is probably a no no.

triple note: I’ve been noticing a lot of wood factories lately: logs must be in season.


notes to myself #139

Choose your routines wisely.

5 responses to “Everyday

  1. Don’t get sucked in to that concave joke trap, it is far too vexing.

  2. Is a concave like a man cave but for Greek men named Con??? Neither do I know what a Clave is but it looks like Con must have one of them too

  3. Well I am amazed!!! Is there nothing Wikipedia, the oracle of all knowledge DOESN’T know???
    Looks like Con was a pretty rhythmical kinda guy

  4. Omawarisan is clever! I’m certainly vexed by his comment.

    Are Popes allowed to smoke or is that only when they’re cremated? Sorry, morbid.

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    omawarisan: hee hee!

    Tony: I was going to mention Cliff Claven (postman from tv show Cheers), but yours is better.

    S. Le: I think Popes are only allowed to smoke when they get together. hee hee!

    thanks for the comments on the experiments/Steven McQueenings. I think 2 of the experiments are almost dead now though: EggPod and Bulbs. (semi sad face)

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