Motion Sickness


I have “going through the motions sickness“.

I’m taking a break and will be sitting on fences mending … or sitting on mends fencing … or something like that.

I’ll be out letting the flowers smell me, the sunshine enjoy me, and changing the fresh air into carbon dioxide.


note:  I’ll still be around … just not posting for a while. I will see you at your place.

double note: How long is a while?  … I don’t know. I’ve never caught one and measured it.  February sounds good.

triple note: What am I going to do? I don’t know, but I’m sure I’ll think of something … or be thinking of something.


notes to myself #133

There is enough Kraft Dinner and Pork n’ Beans to last you a month.

20 responses to “Motion Sickness

  1. Nice blog. Breaks are necessary–take your time.

  2. Just as long as you don’t emotion sickness.

  3. I understand. You do what you have to do and we will be here for you when you get back. Long sentence,huh? LOL 🙂

  4. As long as you don’t delete your blog. Can you believe that some people actually do that???

    Is that an outdoor toilet, a good place to go through the motions

  5. Sounds like you have a lot of work planned… mending, and changing the fresh air into carbon dioxide and stuff like that… Enjoy!!

  6. Or thinking of coming back soon!

    My mind is like a steel trap… an old rusted one. It took a day out shopping for me to think up more useless drivel to write down.

    Go to the baths mate and clear out those cobwebs.

  7. Thanks for the comments.

    slamdunk: thanks for stopping by!

    razzbuffnik: I think I’m safe from that: I’m almost Vulcan! hee hee!
    Just thought I’d do something else when I come home from work for a while instead of sitting on the computer. I’m sure after a month I’ll realize that I don’t have anything else to do at night anyway. hee hee!

    Doraz: thanks.

    Tony: I’ve never heard of anyone doing that before! I think that’s an urban legend. hee hee!

    Donald Diddams: I have to try and catch up to those Amazonian cows in the CO2 department … or just do a few other things that I never seem to get around to.

    S. Le: just thought I’d close the factory for a while to sharpen up my bits a bit.
    I haven’t stopped thinking of things. I’ll have a big arsenal of crap when I start up again.
    Actually, the time typing them up is the part of the process that I want to take a break from. There may be cobwebs involved too.

  8. So is the fence burning yet or are you mending nicely :)?


  10. Enjoy your fence sitting and mending. Fresh air…it does a body good. Oh, that was milk. hee hee!

    Blogging is definitely time consuming. I think about taking a break sometimes. Maybe I’ll find my own fence soon.

  11. Breaks are needed. Enjoy.

    We’ll start bugging the hell out of you when it’s up.


  12. So it was you who up chucked all over our front door step. I opened it expecting to find Pizza but not the pavement variety….

  13. lotion sickness
    Potion sickness
    Notion sickness
    Devotion sickness
    Ocean sickness
    [C’mon, work with me, bro. I’m trying to help you out here.]
    Commotion sickness
    Laotian sickness

  14. Sounds like you need Dramamine. Enjoy the break! Everyone needs one from time to time. Meanwhile I’m going to catch up on what I’ve been missing on your planet…

  15. You for sure are a teacher. You tell your readers you’ll be gone, but not entirely invisible and give them a ball park on when they might expect to see you again.
    Very polite. I’d bow from the waist but I’d get queasy, which is the first cousin of motion sickness.

  16. Thanks for all the comments.

    Mental Mist: the fence burns, but I’m getting used to it: … kind of like living on the sun I guess.

    Doraz: thanks for the award.

    Tammy: it’s been a good break so far, but I realize blogging is one of the funnest things I like to do.

    Turkish Prawn: thanks. I’m glad February is the shortest month. If February was in a school photo it would be at the front.

    BlackLOG: Is throwing up pizza on your doorstep a “home relivery”? … I’d hee hee!, but I don’t know if that is even funny. hee hee!

    Bunk Strutts: hee hee! Zoroastrian sickness? … I’m rusty.

    epicurienne: thanks. Do you know what I miss the most about blogging? … everything!

    w1kkp: I’m a teacher of no subjects most of the time. hee hee!

  17. It’s been a while now….

  18. Tooty Nolan: I’m still alive and well …
    I’ll be back on Monday March 1st.

  19. Oh wear…. Oh where
    Can our little Ross be
    Oh ware, Oh Wher
    Can you be?

    Hope all is well, wherever you are!

  20. Dude. We’re running out of cheese. You am it.

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