Hanging Out In 100B


Hope springs eternal”      (Alexander Pope)

Spring springs eternal too! … and is springy!”      (planetross)



note: When a pregnant woman tells me her due date … I do the math and figure out when her did date was.
… I hope other guys do that too.

double note: Spring is 9 months away from the first day of summer … or only a day away …  if you are into nostalgia.

triple note:Danny Says” by The Ramones and Tom Waits! How cool is that? … pretty cool.
I couldn’t find an Alexander Pope version, sorry.

quadruple note: I figured I’d throw this one out on the weekend because nobody ever comments of this video stuff anyway.

quintuple note: If  Tom Waits, Joey Ramone, and Alexander Pope were in the same room; I’m sure I’d be dreaming.

sextuple note: I’m getting all melancholugubrious.


notes to myself #122

Everyone has their own musical taste … it’s just the way it is. Opening your ears and shutting your mouth is usually better than closing your ears and opening your mouth.

6 responses to “Hanging Out In 100B

  1. Yes. I do that too. I can’t imagine a guy who doesn’t.

    As for if Tom Waits, Joey Ramone, and Alexander Pope were in the same room, I think Tom would have some ‘splaning to do since his guests would be “past their due date” so to speak.

    Thanks for the videos! I’ll take a lil Ramones and TW, any day!


  2. I used to think “Downtown Train” was a Patty Smyth song, and then I heard Tom Waits’s version and was like, “I like the original better”. Oh well.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Turkish Prawn: I changed a bit of the pregnant women part of this post a little because it just didn’t sound right.

    I think all 3 of those guys have “do dates” with a barber. hee hee!

    Dennis the Vizsla: I’m sure there are a lot of people who think that one is a Rod Stewart song.
    Downtown Train” is the song that got me hooked on Tom Waits originally.

  4. That note to yourself… wisdom of the ages! I’m going to try to remember that because I know a few people who should hear it. Too bad their ears are closed, though.
    And yes, I think lots of guys can (and do) work back the 9 months to get to the did date!

  5. PR – I like the DUE date and DID date thing. When you work out the DID date, do you visualise? Naughty naughty!

  6. Thanks for the comments.

    Donald Diddams: thanks. I’m sure I’ve opened my mouth more than I’ve opened my ears in the past, but now I can appreciate/look for the good more than the bad and ugly in stuff.
    I’m still but not big on rap, but it doesn’t cost anything to not say anything about it.

    I woke up in the morning really worried about that line (or the line I originally wrote about “when women were having sex“). Sometimes I worry about strange stuff.

    that was a next day after thought. I figure I was conceived some time in May 1964 … but if I was premature or late … no one has told me about it.

    I’m not naughty: I just like to know the facts.

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