A Square With Dots


I bet board game people were very happy when dice were invented.

and people who weren’t good at Chess … or Checkers/Draughts … or The Royal Game of Ur … or Go … or Mah Jongg … or that spinner thing in The Game of Life.


note:It looks like a great game … but how are people going to get these playing pieces around the board?

double note: like so many other ones, this entry started out very complex before I just went back to the basics … basically … and got basic … or simple … or started thinking about dice and how cool they are.

triple note:       Yahtzeedice not included.

quadruple note: I originally was thinking about the cool horsey move in Chess … if you really must know.
That move should really be used more in martial arts.

quintuple note: sometimes it’s just as important to remember where we learn things as what we actually learn.


notes to myself #121

Our father only plays games with us until we win … then he teaches us another one. I’m not sure if he just lets us win or not. We will never know.
We are solid at Chess, Cribbage, and Checkers: be grateful.

5 responses to “A Square With Dots

  1. Art Major has about 500 dice. They are all different shapes and colours. “Cube” isn’t the only shape any more. It’s really confusing.

  2. They all look like a church choir! LOL 🙂

  3. the mouths look like belly buttons for a second. lol. I LOVE yahtzee. It’s the only game I could beat my family in. I was forced to play chess with my older brother at home. he was a brainiac, so it was more like, “hey Renee, come here and let me beat you at chess”

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    S. Le: I’ve got a few 12 sided dice, but kids keep rolling them off the table … and then they miss a turn. They know the rules.
    Kids could probably roll a one sided die off the table too … if I had any of those.

    Doraz: maybe those pigs up front are from the Vienna Sausage Boys Choir. hee hee!

    sweetiegirlz: playing Yahtzee with one die takes a long time. hee hee!

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