I seem to care about nothing much …  but sometimes much is too much to care about … so I will care about this because it means so much to  people who I don’t know and will never meet, but I’d like to.

I care … sometimes.



notes to myself: #113 

sometimes you have to care about others.

7 responses to “Haiti

  1. It is good to care, even if caring is all you can do.

  2. I understand completely.

    Haiti has been teetering on the brink of chaos and manmade disaster for so long, one can only wonder whether this natural disaster will push them into an abyss. I so fear that there is worse to come. All of the caring that can be mustered is needed.

  3. Good on you! Make a note to remember note to self #113. We all should.

  4. It’s frightening. If someone didn’ t care, I’d worry about that person

  5. Ross. No joke. Good on ya! I think what you did is a wonderful thing. I truly believe every person can make a difference.

    Glad you think so too.

  6. I am still in shock over the news. I can only imagine the pain and terror that those people are experiencing. My prayers go out to them all. You did a nice thing here. Thanks for being who you are! 🙂

  7. Thanks for all the comments.

    I put this on because while visiting omawarisan over at Blurts I clicked on the link for donations/help.


    I just figured the more links that are out there the better.
    With enough links there could be a chain reaction of sorts.

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