Evidense … Maybe


Sometimes snow isn’t very good at covering up stuff.


note:Mom! Jason’s been making snow angels outside again!

double note:No, I haven’t seen your cat.

triple note: sorry if this one’s a bit macabre. I carry myself away sometimes.


notes to myself #107

Don’t play with the Robson’s down the road: they put rocks in their snowballs.

11 responses to “Evidense … Maybe

  1. Goodness dreadful this is !

  2. Too gross. I’m not visiting Planetross after all! Call CSI to do tests on that. Veg juice? Not so sure.

  3. Well…..I can only think the worst!

  4. Finally, a follow up to the chalk body outline prank I was in on in high school. Thanks Ross, another big reason you are the cheese.

  5. Thanks for all the comments.

    Tasneem R: yes I agree. My other idea involving decapitated snowpeople wasn’t much better.

    S. Le: I’d already used the the title “Evidence” for this one: https://planetross.wordpress.com/2008/11/03/evidence/
    … and just thought I was a bit dense for actually posting this.

    curious note: how do you insert your comment under your original comment? … I don’t know that trick yet.

    Doraz: I have to agree the photo does look pretty nasty.

    Donald Diddams: (insert witty cat eating joke here) hee hee!

    omawarisan: I do have chalk leftover from this:

    I did entertain doing an elaborate chalk outline of a skydiving team performing a circle … complete with camera man, but somehow never got around to doing it.

  6. Today I went out to the front yard. No blood in the snow but a LOT of little grey feathers floating around on the snow. Had to check the area before the kids ran out of the house to play.


  7. Turkish Prawn: I always follow the “Don’t eat yellow snow” rule, … but really … I ain’t eating any of that colorful snow … no matter how good it looks!

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