Money Making Scheme #17


I’m going to sell mints called “Mo’ Mints“.

They will just be regular mints; but a slick ad campaign should be able to make them crazy popular.



“Make the Mo’ Mints last forever … don’t share them with anyone … and buy bulk.”

“I’ll do that … only for a Mo’ Mint.”

“Your father will be home Mo’ Mintarily… we better eat without him.”

“He went crazy for a Mo’ Mint.”

“I’ll do anything for a Mo’ Mint.”

“It was over in a Mo’ Mint.”
” That’s a long time!”

“It only took a Mo’ Mint for my son to do his homework.”


 If I can work it out with those heartburn people maybe there will be Mo’ MinTums!


note: oooo aaaah Precious Mo’ Mints video by The Three Degrees.

double note: I’m sure the premiere of this product will be a Mo’ Mintus occasion.

triple note: I only used 3 different brown pencil crayons to color those boxes. For the bottom one I just pushed down harder to achieve a different shade of brown. I wonder if other people know that you can do that?

quadruple note: Bono must be really super small to get “Stuck in a Mo’ Mint” … they are just regular sized mints. I’m sure the TV commercial people could make a giant one for him to get stuck in though.

quintuple note:  Money Making Scheme  #1 and #2 and #3 and #4 and #5 and #6 and #7  and #8  and #9  and #10  and #11  and# 12  and# 13 and #14  and #15  and #16  are still scheming.

sextuple note: I bet you thought I forgot about these Money Making Scheme things… or I forgot you thought about these … or something like that.

septuple note: on further research I find that there already are Momints. I’m sure Michael J. Fox read this blog and then went back to 2003 and usurped this great idea from me. I’m bummed out now and am feeling like I’m eating day old food … which isn’t bad as long as it’s been refrigerated properly.

octuple note: originality requires worms or birds or something.

nontuple note: being the first to be second is still only a red ribbon. (sad face)


notes to myself #106

You make the right choice when you buy the U2Boy” album instead of The Romantic‘s “In Heat“.

8 responses to “Money Making Scheme #17

  1. Mo’ minty, mo’ minty …

  2. you should see the movie Mo’Minto

  3. I mint to tell you I like this post! LOL 🙂

  4. This is the best money making scheme yet! I think, but give me a Mo’Mint…just in case. hee hee!

  5. One Mo-mint plzz ! Just wanted to say Happy new year ..!!!

  6. Original ideas with 6 billion plus people on this planet unfortunately requires virgin thinking on new technology. Sadly, as a songwriter, I think I’m only rewriting what’s been written.

    BUT, for a mo’ment I’d gladly plagiarizer anything!

    NOTE: I gotta admit, you come up with some amazing originality. If only for a mo’ment.

  7. Mo Mint Tums? Oh groan! At least they’re fast!

  8. Thanks for all the comments.

    Dennis the Vizsla: I can’t place your reference. I keep thinking of “efendi” from Lawrence of Arabia.

    tsanda: I would have called that movie “Momento” … because of the short term memory angle.

    Doraz: hee hee!

    Tammy: it must be a good scheme because someone thought of it before me.

    Tasneem R: thanks.

    Kelly Pettit: being the first to have an original idea is the best.

    S. Le: hee hee!

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