My New Year’s Resolutions are …

to use all the small change that has accumulated in this ashtray.

and …

yup … that’s about it.

I figure eliminating change leaves me with nothing else to work on this year.


note: change is bad, but small change is worse.

double note: the people at 7-11 are not going to like me for a few months.    … assuming they don’t mind me now.

triple note: it’s not time for a change … it’s time for the change.

quadruple note: no I didn’t bring a Labatt’s ashtray from Canada. I think Mr. Pettit  gave it to me for some reason.


notes to myself #101

You know how your mother can’t operate the VCR very well and is hopeless at resetting the little clock when there is a power outage? … you will get like that.


8 responses to “Resolutionizing

  1. Did you know Labatt’s is the best beer when rated on a low calorie/high alcohol index?

  2. Put all that change in your pocket and you may also need a belt!

  3. I once had someone take my pile of coins to the bank. 275 dollars. Yep, I’m worth a fortune in change. Happy New Year, cheeseman!

  4. Your “note to yourself” has got me laughing! My mom just put that curse on me …too! LOL 🙂

  5. You could give it to the poor…

  6. I like your triple note.

    I’m changing a few things this year, but they have nothing to do with change…or does it?

  7. Nope, don’t change a thing. I have a big box of this stuff, and never realized it was related to New Year resoutions. I guess I’ll wait til next year now…

  8. Thanks for all the comments.

    davisw: I did not know that. (Johnny Carson voice in affect) I was always a Molson drunk.

    S. Le: I could probably buy a belt with the money, but I took Tony’s advice.

    w1kkp: that’s a lot of change to have clanging around! My ashtray only holds about $6 worth … unless I stand on top of it. … then it’s worth a lot more … if I have my wallet or bank book. hee hee!

    Doraz: my mother used to put a bit of black tape on that flashing digital annoyance.

    Tony: I took your advice and now have no resolutions left. thanks! 🙂 (smiley face prohibition has been remove for this occasion)

    Tammy: change is a state of mind or possibly a common name in China. hee hee!

    Donald Diddams: just change the box … the stuff inside is okay.

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