It’s amazing how the mind works: millions of connections relaying, processing, and storing information.

One word can trigger a whole cascade of knowledge or feelings about a certain subject … or many different subjects loosely related or not related at all.

I guess songwriters try to include words in their songs that will stir up certain images for as many people as possible. 
… but sometimes a word in a song just becomes a trigger that makes me think of a certain song.

Is there a special song you think of when you hear the word “motoring“?


note: I’m just curious.

double note: I just wrote all that other crap to get to the question.

triple note: there might be few more entries before and after this one.


notes to myself #86

You don’t like going to the doctor … try to pinpoint when and why this is the case.


2 responses to “Connections

  1. Nope. Husband and I have songs we think of as driving music or road songs. (not to be confused with the road films of Hope and Crosby days.)

  2. S. Le: I was hoping for someone to come up with “Sister Christian” by NightRanger, but I think I buried this entry to much for anyone to notice it. Such is life.

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