Not Heavies Or Darks … But Lights!


I haven’t changed a single light bulb in my house for 3 years:

I guess I’ve been lucky.
 My battery bill for the lantern is pretty high though.


note: you know how some people bring burnt out lights, the last vacuum bag, assorted screws and hinges, and pieces of paper with strange measurements scribbled on them to the hardware store/DIY center just to make sure they get exactly what they need.

… I do that when refrigerator shopping.

double note: I just made that first note up … I only take the icecube trays with me.

triple note:the lights are on, but nobody’s home” … no I’m home!


notes to myself #83

Save the vacuum bag package with the model number on it: it will save you a messy job.


5 responses to “Not Heavies Or Darks … But Lights!

  1. We camp at home a lot. Every time the power goes out. Here’s to a “well lit” holiday, planetross!

  2. Are you one of those people that likes to shut the lights on and off to see if anyone notices? LOL 🙂

  3. I’ve just discovered your blog posts are even more confusing when read backward.

  4. How strange. I just took a huge delivery of 7 types of lightbulb for the office (and I forgot to order an eighth) that should last us through to 2011 and that’s not even counting the 9th type which lasts 5 years (apparently) before blowing out. Then I thought “I know! I’ll check in on My Friend The Planet!” AND lo and behold, he’s talking about lightbulbs. Freaky.

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    Donald Diddams: the power has only gone out for more than a few seconds a few times: lightning storms.
    I’m sure something or someone will be well lit on the holidays. hee hee!

    Doraz: I do that! … but usually by myself. It’s like blinking … who doesn’t like blinking!!!

    S. Le: I’ll have to do a palindrome entry one of these days. … or something that can be read either way, but with a different meaning. I don’t know the word for that one … where is Pannonica? … she’d know the word for that.

    epicurienne: I end up changing the tube lights at work because I’m good at it … or am the only one who can reach the ceiling while standing on a chair.
    I think the people at work are getting tired of my “pretending to be electrocuted” joke.

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