You Know What I Mean


This morning was really Tracy Chapmanish

… the rest of the day turned out quite mellow.


note: most Saturday nights are Kelly Pettitish … but that’s because he usually comes over to my place.

double note: I don’t think I can get any Barry Manilower than this post.

triple note:   “a simile is a simile” … but that’s a metaphor!

quadruple note: what’s a metaphor? … oh! it’s one word … and has that tricky “ph” sounds like an “f” stuff happening … nevermind.


notes to myself #81

You are not the guy who pulls out the guitar at beach campfires and sings “Redemption Song” and “Wish You Were Here” and … that’s about it.

6 responses to “You Know What I Mean

  1. Regarding the “ph”, a good foundation in phonics is important. That is how I taught my son.

    I was at a campfire in October and a guy did the exact same thing you mentioned! He pulled out his guitar and played “Wish You Were Here”. UGH! It is so annoying. Why is that the choice song to play?

  2. planetross, a metaphor is very much like a semi-phore — except its much larger because its the whole thing, not just a semi-

  3. I do hope you’re not a “Fanalow.” What are Kelly Pettit fans called?

  4. Thanks for the comments.
    sorry for being tardy.

    Tammy: I am a phonetian too! … none of that whole word approach stuff.
    Dr. Hook‘s “The Cover of the Rolling Stone” and Steve Miller‘s “The Joker” seem to pop up a lot too.

    Donald Diddams: hee hee! I bet people on ships are good at flagging down taxis.

    S. Le: Kelly Pettit fans??? … I just call myself ross … or planetross if I’m feeling pompous … or pompompous. hee hee!

  5. S. Le: he knew I was going to say that. He can laugh at himself … when I’m not around to laugh at him. hee hee!

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